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So, I've decided to make peace with someone and go ahead and write the conclusion (or the last two-thirds) of a story I had been working on last year. The concept of the story was always strong in my head and I liked where I was going with it, but for personal reasons I knew I couldn't do it. In any case, I have gone ahead and written the sequel to Rita the Farter after all. It's a longer story and contains potentially my biggest farts I've ever written, but I liked how my first story went (despite everything else) and wanted to go ahead and produce this second story as it were. The PDF version will be up momentarily, but sadly the text versions will have to wait until tomorrow. And one more quick note on this story: You may notice that some material early on is similar to that in some of my other stories, primarly with Kelly and Samantha. I intentially used this in those stories previously when I thought I was not going to finish this. I've decided just to leave it as it is in here.

In the meantime, I've teased you a lot with the Ying story, which has been put back repetitively since I proposed the idea to TheDrfiter91 back around Christmas. Let's just say that I do have stuff written but where exactly I want the story to go (and at this point it will be a much more condensed version of my original plan) is still being debated in my head. In the meantime, I want to share a short passage from my story, my first released fart literature with Ying. Do note that this is far from my final draft of this story but I believe this part is alright.

“Hey, what’s happening?” Ying cried out through the window to Captain Torn as she felt a tingling sensation within her body. In was that usual feeling that people growing felt in all the best fetish stories, Ying couldn’t really describe it much more than the feeling of more of her body suddenly being added. She felt her legs bulge up a bit with her thighs fattening up too. Her arms grew in length and bulged a little bit of muscle onto them. She wasn’t known as a muscular figure, but a fighter she was and her arms suddenly picked on a bit that could prove helpful when defending against bullies. Above her waste, her white shirt was starting to become tighter as her breasts increased a bit in size themselves, swelling almost to what would be E cup status, Ying’s bra was about ready to fall off before the growing had stopped, but they pressed on her now cantaloupe-sized mammaries with enough force that she wished it would had snapped. Her shirt was now tight against her chest with the bottom now ridding above her belly button. Her head had increased a little bit too in size to keep up with the proportions of the rest of her body.

Her blue jeans became tight as well, as expected with strains ripping one by one against her growing calves and thighs. Ying had a marveled look as she pushed her seat back a little bit and looked with amazement in the growth. She had always been a short girl, well comparably anyway. She had a dream one night of being a giantess back in her home town and ever since she had wished for a real life growing episode, though not tall enough to get the attention of any “military.” This was starting to become the next best thing. Most importantly on her body though, her ass, was starting to swell into cheeks at least the size of basketballs. She could hear the sound of ripping fabric, as if scissors were being forced against the denim to create long cuts. Her shirt was barely holding up but the sudden growth of her ass was more than enough to destroy the pair of previously-tight jeans over the lower part of her body. In the roughly one minute long period of her growth her jeans were torn to spreads and fell onto her seat as she felt only her white panties holding up, being expanded to their furthest extent. Like her bra, her panties were clinging on to dear life as they were becoming more of a thong compared to Ying’s rapidly expanding butt cheeks. More of her panties were being eaten up by her asscrack until her growth was finally over and more than half of her panties were now buried deep into her crack. At least the elastic top to her underwear held them over her waist, she wasn’t nude but another growth spurt would do them. Captain Torn and Adam both entered the room, running almost to see if they could assist Ying in anyway. She stood up and began chuckling a little bit when she realized something different, her height.

“Dear God!” Captain Torn said as he and Adam both had their jaws dropped at the girl’s new growth.

“I’m huge!” Ying extoled herself as she looked down at both the captain and his son. The captain was 5’10 and Adam about 5’6, now the captain was looking at Ying’s mouth from his eye level and Adam was looking at the rather abundant bust of the 14-year old, stretching out as hard and firm as his male “counterpart” down below. The laughing continued for another few seconds as the captain was able to quickly deduce that Ying was roughly at a height of 6’3 or 6’4, they had to obtain an official measurement, but all that they had to know was Ying was suddenly huge!

“What do you thing happened?” Asked a Ying, who while liking her new height was actually curious. The captain quickly concluded that it must have been some aftereffect of the chemical, a likely supposition since it was meant to improve the farting of two rather tall girls and increasing their size would be a logical step in increasing their gas capacity.

Ying went back to her meal as she found that she could now eat even more than before. It took her another 20 minutes but she finally wrapped up eating everything that had been given to her. Her stomach, much larger now than before felt satisfied. She looked down at her bloated stomach and started hearing a sound.

    “Oooohhhhh!” Ying quietly told herself. She felt the gas bubble up within her. The captain and his son both rushed back into the room as they tried to assess what was happening her. Ying stood up and started bending the top of her body over as if she were about to hurl. The growling noise of her stomach continued for another few seconds at a pitch that even Captain Torn and Adam could hear. They started to approach the large girl to see if they could do anything for you but Ying kept them away. Normally when she was about to let rip a giant fart like the one she had brewing she would be rather happy, but at this moment the pain in her gut was tearing her. Of course she had eaten more right her than ever before but this pain was different even for her. 

    “Oh fuck man….fuck!” Ying cried out as the discomfort was heading to a feverish pitch with her. She moaned a little as she moved her body back and forth for another few seconds. Adam was a bit curious about what exactly Ying was warning those two about. He knew that she had big farts and so did the captain, but Ying was about to give birth to something entirely different. She stopped moving around as she placed her hands on her knees and bent her body in a way that had her butt up in the air just a little bit. Her asscheeks were exposed partially while her white panties were repositioned as a makeshift thong. Each cheek was at least the size of Adam’s head and running through his head at the moment was the incredible size of each cheek. Ying practically allowed Adam to make a quick walk over around her body. She knew the boy craved her body, especially at her new size. As Adam walked over to get a better look at Ying’s ass his father sent him a quick warning, telling him not to get close. It was good advice. But before Adam could get an up-close-and-personal view of Ying’s booty she had reached critical mass and let loose her first fart bomb.

    Bomb was the appropriate word for the over one-minute long gas monster that left Ying’s behind. To say nothing short of amazing was the power of her fart, Ying had released a fart so devastating and so large, few words could describe it other than amazing. The fart came out with such a deep bass that her fart could legitimately be used for warfare, or at least that what’s the captain felt. The power behind the blast from Ying’s ass may have been the largest explosion to take place in Downtown Manhattan since that unfortunate September afternoon years ago. The fart sounded like an honest-to-God explosion of gas, so large that the walls of the room were shaking as a minuscular earthquake was being created within that section of the Section 52 complex. The rupture of gas coming out of Ying’s ass was louder than a subwoofer set to the highest level; it produced a sound that was reaching 100 decibels of nothing but pure funky ass bass. The table also vibrated as did her chair, even Captain Torn and Adam could feel the floor beneath them shake, Ying’s fart had produced such a powerful sensation that they were at first wondering if something else had been attacking the complex and Ying was just farting at the same time.

    Ying had a giddy look on her face, as if she had just unloaded a ton of gas into the room, and it sure felt like it too. As she pushed forth this Goliath of a fart she was caught off guard to just how easy it was. Farting came to her naturally, maybe too naturally, but this bomb of a fart came out of her with very little problem, she pushed the fart out but was able to sustain it much longer than anyone had thought possible. Ying was perhaps the most professional at keeping a fart going, long farts were normal for her and that did not bold well for anyone caught downwind at the now larger and more improved Ying. This fart kept on rumbling out as Ying kept the gates opened for an ungodly amount of foul-smelling gas to come out. She had once farted a full one minute and twelve seconds; this one may have actually gone longer. There was no official counter so the length of time of this fart may forever go unknown, but its power surely wasn’t going away. That original long fart changed a lot in pitch as Ying pushed forth that elongated blast of gas while in the presence of her mother; the sound went back and forth. Not here, one constant blast for the large majority of the blast maintained that this new Ying was capable of holding up the right tune to her farts. The captain and his son, already covering their mouths and noses saw Ying’s grin grow as she unleashed this incredible fart, they knew very well that Section 52 had chosen well its candidate.

    And then the smell finally grew in power, originally the two had just been smelling the original wave of Ying’s well known old meat and cabbage smelling gas concoction, but then the actual gaseous aroma blasted them and they discovered a new meaning to what a bad smelling fart. Every fart Ying had ripped since arriving in New York had smelled like roses compared to this heinous aroma. It was a killer aroma, strong enough to produce a green fog in that room that was going through a new redecorating effort as the paint was starting to peel a little bit here and there from the corrosive nature of the fart. It still smelled like a Ying fart through and through, but it was infinitely stronger. It had the kind of gas that the captain and Adam would smell for an hour, after waking up from their short temporary comas that is. Ying’s smile was turning to disgust as she caught a foul whiff of her masterpiece and even she knew that she had overdone it. But the most terrifying part of this massive, ultra-foul smelling and long fart, Ying had a bad feeling that she was going light. She could always tell when she was letting out a fart that was her very best and one that was weak. Her specialty was that she could dial up a particular fart for a particular time and the horrifying part to her was that she could tell this was a weak fart. That’s how much Ying was improving, this colossal fart that was quite possibly her biggest ever, that was a weak one!

    “Oh man….oh man….oh man….that stinks!” Ying panted as she was short of breathe following the eruption of that fart. She saw Captain Torn and Adam lying on the floor, already knocked out by the vicious power of her beast. She felt her stomach grumble as the gas she had just unleashed produced a deadly green fog that steamed the room up like a sauna. Old meat and cabbage and rotten eggs fused together to produce the most putrid smell that any human had ever produced. She felt behind her more nude rear end and felt the dangling pieces of her underwear. Her fart had been so explosive that she tore right through a large portion of her underwear that had become a thong in between her buttcheeks. Now her underwear consisted of a piece of elastic on the top with two pieces of white cloth hanging down her backside and her front. The underwear was dirtied beyond repair even compared to some of her most weathered pieces of underwear in the past. She looked around and realized that it might be some time before she could get a replacement. A quick rumble in her stomach had given her the realization that she had more gas forming. Looking around the fog in the room she shrugged her shoulders and began pushing out.



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