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My next story is moving along, around 30 pages already with probably another 30 to go. Tentatively I'm looking into Labor Day weekend for its release but that is only a thought. As I stated earlier, it will be the story of a typical day in the life of Kelly Haynes, a 300-foot giantess with the ability to release big bad farts and enormous dumps. The story will be read from her perspective, which I will admit, has made things a bit different in how I write this story, though it won't be a huge difference. As a bit of a teaser, I've included a small article from National Geographic Magazine about the exploration into Kelly as a giantess. This will be located somewhere in the actual story.



            Lying in an empty field in a southern Ohio valley lays a solid mass that stretches over 20 feet in length with a width of some seven feet. It weighs almost three tons and is larger than all of the world’s land animals. Swarms of flies hover around the stinking mass as it continuously sits there in this field some few hours after its initial creation. A team of scientists have been taking various samples from this mass as they try to analyze the masses’ origins and composition. The composition arranges from a long list of chemical compounds along with the bacteria that breaks down food and produces such a hulking piece of organic matter. It produces an ungodly odor that has many scientists clamoring to find out exactly what to call it. Never before has a stench of this magnitude been produced and in such heaping quantities. The mass is disease-ridden and unsafe for the landscape around it, but there is no place to put it. Far more is being deposited in this giant field than shipped out for tests and other purposes. As for the origin, well it came from that of an 18-year old female, known as the Giantess of Ohio, Kelly Marie Haynes.

            Kelly became a giantess last January and has been growing to a current height of 300 feet, along with her enormous size comes her enormous fecal deposits. Kelly is known among her family and friends as one who “clogs the toilet” on a regular basis. Diagnosed with a genetic family disorder, codenamed the Haynes Syndrome, along with her mother and older sister, Kelly has had to live with a higher amount of daily flatulence and defecation in her daily live. Prior to her growth in a giantess, she was able to have up to 100 daily flatulence episodes with at least two bowel movements of toilet-filling varieties. Her school had nearly forbidden her from using school toilets for a bowel movement and her family had been exploring the possibility of her using larger toilets for them. Even her brothers were scared of the bowel movements that would leave their younger sister on a regular basis and the gas was known to empty out entire rooms, if not the house themselves.

            Now, at her enlarged size, Kelly is able to produce masses of fecal material that are the size of small barns, let alone her own house. Her flatulence can cover square miles on really bad days after Mexican food and beans and her digestive tract is working even more with the added amounts of food she is receiving. Scientists have been dissecting the various pieces of fecal material left in the field to see more about a part of the human body few would like to discuss and perhaps see some more secrets about human waste. Because of the healthy amount of human waste being produced in Kelly’s gigantic bowels on a regular basis, a collection of her waste has taken up a space of about two square miles and growing. Companies wanting to use the waste for fertilizer have been lining up on small country roads to take this new source and it is stated that Kelly’s waste has been beneficial for usage as fertilizer. The problem lies with Kelly’s bowels themselves, she is constantly making more and more waste and just as she had done in her own family household, the size of her “dumps” are getting larger and clogging up the toilet is now the least of her concern. As a concerned environmentalist working in the area had states, “Kelly’s poop has to go somewhere.”


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