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For the record I should do it tomorrow. Since starting up from my last release I have written 27 new pages to this story, bringing it up to 215 pages. Part 15 should be about 22 or so of those new pages, I'm leaving a few aside for the beginning to Part 16. I have already incorporated one or two of the ideas shared with me in this new part and should include some others later in this tale. I am trying to reach a final conclusion to this tale within the next few weeks, maybe a month or two at the latest as I really want to finish this story, given that I started it in 2012.

Along with my continuation in this story I will make a few changes to Part 1 to help elude to coming conflicts in this story as I begin to incorporate our final farting giantess, whom I eluded to last time. While her involvement in this tale so far has been minimal, I want to set up that it's been part of something greater all along. Enjoy Christina and Jade for a while, they are only sideshows in a greater power about to be unleashed upon the Earth.

Since my story is now breaking up into a three-act story (as any good tale should) I have decided to given names to my three parts, clever as the names may be.

Part One: The Giant Farting Menace
Part Two: Attack of Christina and Jade
Part Three: The Revenge of Megan

Finally, keep in mind that this story IS in a different continuity from all my other Christina/Jade themed stories. It follows its own storyline from the beginning of the story. This will be important to remember since some of your favorite characters are going to die in the future. Hopefully, by this time tomorrow Part 15 will be out.


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