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Happy (early) 4th of July out there, or Happy First-Weekend-in-July for everyone else. I bring to you the continuing stories of the giant gassy cousin of Sam, Kelly Haynes. As with any good Fourth, this story does come with its own fireworks. I've been sitting on this one for a while and finally decided to finish it up. Here I hope to do a giantess farting story that wasn't as quick as the last story (which took over the place of about three days from Christina's initial growth to Earth's final destruction.) Here, her growth is much slower and that gives us time to deal with what it's like to deal with someone who is giant and gassy and serving their needs as we follow the tale of one of the head workers for Kelly's everyday bathroom needs.

All bits of the story should be up in their respective areas and whatnot. From here I plan on starting the first round contests of the Day of Reckoning with Jade vs. Stephanie likely to come first. I'm still willing to entertain certain notions with some of the characters and maybe change a few things up, some contests will go as you'd expect them to go and there may be a few surprises elsewhere. One idea I have, to share with you, is for an incentive for the winner. The winner of the contest recieves some sort of chemical or thing that gives them all the gassy abilities of their competitor as well as increases their size a little bit to pick up their height and other physical features. The loser is diminished a little bit from their previous level of gassiness and size. Essentially the winner becomes gassier and bigger and when they come up against their next component the stakes are raised, and if they win that round they get even gassier and bigger. In the end, the overall champion will basically be unstoppable with all the size and farting power of the other seven girls. I'm just curious to see what some people would think of an idea like this, it may lead to a different winner than what maybe are probably guessing right now.

Anyways, enjoy this latest story and happy holiday.


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