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Well the Day of Reckoning is finally upon us in the finale of my latest grand project. After everything I've said about this contest I have finished the story with the last round of the matchup. I am honestly surprised with how this story finished up and I mean that in a good way. I had no clear winner in mind when I began writing so it was nice for the story to kind of guide me to where it did. Will it be what others want, maybe or maybe not, but I think overall the story had ended very nicely. I should warn people that this story has much greater farting action than my last two stories.

First of all, I'm going on vacation for a few days, incidentally to the same state where this competition takes place (should I hope to witness a Major Fart Event?) Because of this I wanted to at least release the story here. I may tweak a thing here or there so consider this more a rough draft, though how the story ultimately ends will remain the same the vast majority of this piece will be final. So there will obviously be some errors and stuff in this story and I may change something later on if I find it contradicts with something else You will notice there are no onomatopoeias (the blocks of letters together) in this last part. This is merely because of space constraints, had I included them I would of had to break this up into three parts and two were quite enough for me. Probably sometime next week I'll release a PDF version that should have all the lettering in there from the whole story. Other than that I think everything is good here. Thank you and have a happy Labor Day (or First Monday in September, whichever it may be!)


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