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By: SellCon2762

Mark Dearing had died and gone to heaven, even if heaven looked no different than the interior of his car. He was driving toward Niebla Verde Mexican Restaurant with his date, the beautiful and smart Nicole Eckstein and she was promising to have much more gas this time, now that she knew that her date did appreciate her for her gassiness, unlike his roommate who couldn’t handle the fumes that radiated from her voluptuous bum.

“You look nervous.” Nicole told Mark as he was keeping his hands positioned neatly on the steering wheel of his car. He was on his best behavior, his heart was racing, he never thought he would be doing this again.

“I’ve never done this before.”

“You’ve never been on a date before?”

“I’ve never had a date with a girl. Outside the last time.”

“Well you’ve scored a hell of a girl, you ought to be lucky.” She said as she shifted her upper body just a little bit to showcase her bountiful breasts. If Nicole looked beautiful the last time this time she looked spectacular. Her hair was down, flowing nicely down her hair to a height halfway up her neck. Tonight though she was decking it out with a white silk blouse, a long wraparound black skirt with a slit up to her thigh that revealed she was wearing dark, suntan pantyhose and strappy, black high-heeled shoes. Her large, firm breasts pressed against the front of her blouse, and Mark could just barely make out the shape of her nipples.

“I know I’m lucky.” Mark said as he looked back ahead, his heart was racing for another reason, he knew where they were going and that they were almost there, the bomb was being loaded as they spoke. The car had a beautiful smell to it, Nicole was wearing her best perfume for the event, a flowery aroma that was as overpowering in its potency as one of her worst farts. It was the best of times and it will be the worst of times for the air quality of his car. But Mark had nothing to worry about.

They pulled in the parking lot and Mark was quick to leave the driver’s seat so that he could walk to the passenger seat side to open up the door for Nicole. She was very impressed by his manners but Mark was simply being old-fashioned. He was wearing a red button-up polo shirt and a pair of khaki slacks. His body had been cleaned twice and his hair had been fashioned to be as perfect as he could be.

“You are such a nice kid Mark.” Nicole said as he helped her up onto the parking lot. Standing up she continued to radiate beauty to Mark and with the heals she stood five inches taller than he did, he felt overshadowed by her but that was just fine for him, he’d give her the world if he could. The two walked into the restaurant and found a private two-person booth at the edge of the restaurant. They ordered their meals, Mark had a similar dish to what he had the last time, Nicole had four bean burritos, on top of four more and a huge bowl of refried beans. That plus a beer for her beverage and she was set for a huge meal to produce tons of gas. Once the meals had been ordered the two were looking across each other for a minute in that awkward silence before Nicole spoke up.

“Don’t you hate that?” Nicole asked, giving Mark an eyeful of her cleavage with her breasts resting on the table.


“Uncomfortable silence. Last week your roommate  had to yak on and on just to impress me with his awesome stuff and whatever.”

“He’s like that, always trying to impress the ladies.” Mark said as he tried to keep his eyes focused on her eyes, those breasts looked better than they did the previous week but he wasn’t watching that much until the end, his own date had her own impressive rack after all.

“Yeah, but this is the kind of moment when you know you've found somebody special. When you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence.” She responded with a smile.

“I guess so.” Mark answered, completing ignoring her reference.

“When was the last time you wrote a story?”

“Some time. I’ve been blocked…err….I mean writer’s block.”

“I know what writer’s block is. You get that solving a math problem too.”

“Trying to figure out how to answer it.”

“Exactly. When you have several lines of numbers and letters and you’re trying to figure out what goes where, you just have a brain freeze, before you have to start analyzing what is what and work yourself through the problem.”

“I figured you could solve it like nothing. I never liked algebra and then I was told there was an advanced algebra, I said no thank you.”

“Advanced algebra is easy. But there are problems that even we can’t figure out. We’re human after all.”

“Same thing with writers. We can write masterpieces, or some mediocre works and whatnot. But sometimes you write to a point and then it just hits you, you have no idea what you’re going to write next.”

“And then you go on a date with a beautiful girl and her lovely roommate who has the worst gas in the world.” She said snickering as Mark shyly smiled and nodded his head.

“Well admit it, you never saw it coming.”

“Actually in a story like that, you can probably see it. But worst gas in the world?”
“Maybe not that, but after tonight I could be seriously breaking some world records. I fart like crazy!” She said in such a seductive and confident voice that Mark’s member was quickly rising, anticipating that she was telling the truth and hoping that she was going to be just like that. He gulped a little bit, showing her that he was pretending to be worried about it. Then asked her to explain more about it.

“You always fart like crazy?”

“Not always, but a fart well above normal. Give me Mexican food tonight and loads of beans and I’ll be dynamite. Give me broccoli and it will be a strong as nuclear fallout. No joke, I ate a broccoli dinner one night and Amy had to leave the apartment for two hours it smelled so fucking strong!” She said, again dramaticaizing her story to make Mark stir. Needless to say it was working.

“Got any good farting stories?” Mark asked as he was salivating for some of Nicole’s talking about her gas.

“Sure I do, but what got you into this sort of thing?”


“You like it when a girl rips ass!” She said, raising her voice, not loud enough for neighboring tables to hear but loud enough to let Mark know that he was asking for it.

“Hey, hey, please, not in front of others.”

“That’s what my friends ask for me when I’m ready to fart and I never listen to them either.” Nicole said as she leaned over and farted right then and there.


Three seconds worth of bubbly fart came out of her ass against the seat, which was thankfully cushioned or else the sound would have been heard from further away. It was loud enough to get Mark really going down underneath the table and to send Nicole into a cascade of giggles. But it was not loud enough for others to hear, they were in a restaurant and the sound of many conversations and cheesy Mexican music in the background did more to dilute the sound effect of the fart, but not the smell.

“Oh shit I can smell it.”

“That was nothing, just a hamburger I had for lunch, Amy was cooking outdoors earlier, I had two burgers with cheese, this Mexican’s going to do much worse I assure you.”

“But I can still smell it….God that’s bad!” Mark said covering his nose as the smell of her fart engulfed the table. It was stinking like rotten meat and bad cheese, typical of a fart that that come from her bowels, digesting her food for hours as it had been.

“So is that why you like it then?” She asked, getting back to the topic at hand. Although her fart was a bonafide stinker, the smell of food elsewhere was thankfully going to mask away the rest of Nicole’s emission.

“I suppose that’s one reason, that something so foul could come out of someone so beautiful.”

“Beautiful am I? How am I beautiful?” She asked, putting her elbows up on the table and her head on her hands, she looked dreamingly at Mark as he had stuttered to come up with an answer. That great cute smile of hers was not helping him.

“Your face….your face is nice.”

“Come come now, my face is alright, there’s something else about me isn’t there?” She said as Mark’s eyes were given a glorious view deep inside her cleavage. With Nicole’s breasts plopped down on the table Mark was able to look into the abysmal darkness in between her two generous mounds of mammeries. They heaved ever so slightly, both the size of grapefruits, causing the “cucumber” between his legs to enlarge.


“My breasts are nice sure, I’ve had plenty of guys look at them. I think Amy’s are bigger but I’m not superficial into stuff like that.” She said as Mark took in another whiff, the air around them still had a slight tingling sensation from the creation that was her fart.

“It’s everything. Everything’s beautiful.”


“Even what?”

“Even my fart. My fart is beautiful, the smell is beautiful, the sound is beautiful, the length is beautiful. My farts are beautiful…say it Mark.” Nicole’s eyes stared straight at him with a strange look, she was commanding him to respond and he wanted to, he knew it to be true.

“Your fart is beautiful.”

“That’s better. And don’t worry Mark, you’ll have more of my beautiful farts tonight than you can handle…and what do you know, here’s how that will happen…” Nicole trailed off as the waiter arrived with their food. The pair settled down and began eating their meal with Mark only imagining about what all that Mexican food was going to do to Nicole. Of course he already knew what would happen based on the last experience but this time the farts would be targeted at him so she would not be holding back. It was about a half hour later when the two were finished and talking a little bit before Mark payed the check for the meal.


“Man that hits the spot!” Nicole said as she waved the air around her mouth. It was a small but potent belch that rang out of her mouth, filling the immediate area with the mashing of ale and beans, a deep stench that caught Mark off guard.

“I’m glad you approve.”

“That stuff was great, I hope you didn’t mind me eating more than last time.”

“No, not at all, not if it leads to…um….”

“Me farting up a storm. Don’t worry Mark, it’s like my tummy’s doing summersaults in there, you’ll get plenty of gas.”

“That’s great….I do hope that’s okay saying that.”

“Oh it is. Trust me, you’re the first date I’ve had where I wasn’t worried about what I was about to release in front of. I’ve had a few guys who I’ve had to bottle up that gas real tight until the date was over, or at least find some quiet space to let some of it out. It’s hard being a gassy girl in front of a real attractive guy, not that you are ugly or anything, you do have a certain appeal….” Nicole finally stopped as she found herself rambling to Mark about her experience with guys and whatnot.

“It’s okay. I never viewed my appearance as that big of a deal anyway. It’s funny, I always thought my first date would be with someone far less attractive than you and I would have been perfectly fine with it. I hope that’s not too bad of a comparison. Nicole? Nicole?” Mark found himself looking over at his date as she had that look at his face. Her eyes were bulging up as she had a horrific look on her face. She remained fixated like that for a time as Mark started getting a little worried.


“Pay the tip Mark, we have to leave NOW!” Nicole said as she quickly got up and in a twist of chivalry helped Mark out of his seat before he left a ten dollar bill on the table. The two began to leave the table when Mark finally started to smell it; the foulest aroma he had ever witnessed in his life, Nicole had just unleashed a silent fart in that restaurant. At first he was debating with himself whether or not he really smelled one of her farts and then it became familiar with him. His nose found itself settling in on a well-established scent that was ten times more powerful than what had experienced that last time.
Nicole had not informed Mark on the fact that her silent farts were brutal beasts onto themselves. Smelling them was like smelling death. The odor of dead animals and weeks-old rotten eggs began filling up the entire restaurant. It overpowered the smell of any food and was stronger than a natural gas leak aroma. The two had left the restaurant just in time before the smell began fermenting itself, maturing into a glorified stink bomb of which the evacuation of the restaurant would begin. The silent but deadly stench of Nicole’s latest fart was so strong that they smelled it on the way out of the building and that was a good 30 feet away from where she was seated. They quickly made it back into the car where Nicole began giggling as she watched the patrons leave.

“I tried not to, but that gas was really killing me.” She said as Mark looked back and saw the several dozen people walk out of the restaurant, choking and coughing as if they had just been hit by some sort of chemical attack. And inside the car, Nicole lifted her ass and farted once more.


“There we go, just a little more for the road. I suggest we get back to my place Mark.” She said, practically ordering Mark to get going as his nose got a little red from the sudden surge in gaseous air quality from Nicole bubbly fart, echoing off the surface of the seat, it was the perfect little fart and the final explanation mark on what was already an eventful evening. To her credit she did not fart again on the way back to her apartment, but the smell of her one fart in that car did not leave for a very long time.

Nicole and Mark arrived back at her apartment and Mark found himself hypnotized staring at Nicole’s swaying booty as they walked the flights of stairs upwards to their floor. He waited to see if she was going to let off any more from her rear as they walked down the floor to the front door but she was keeping it bottled up for now. We both walked through the living room of the apartment as Amy asked Nicole how the date went.

“Fine. Leave us alone.” She said, hurrying Mark up as they walked through the hallway toward Nicole’s bedroom. Amy had raised her eyebrows over Nicole’s request with Mark, interesting since Mark was originally her date during the previous meeting with Mark and his roommate. Finally they arrived in Nicole’s bedroom and Mark found that it was very clean to say the least.

Her bedroom was pristine, well-made bed, orderly books on the desk and a small library above her computer. She had a few posters up on the wall of some odd science and mathematics stuff that intrigued Mark. Her queen-sized bed had a deep violet colored cover that was folded neatly. Otherwise the whole thing looked immaculate, certainly cleaner than his own bedroom. But this his eyes turned over to Nicole who was changing out of her clothing. She stripped the blouse and the skirt and found a pair of skin-tight pink yoga pants to don on along with a white T-shirt that was one size too small for her copious bust. Mark looked away as she changed and she was quite delighted to hear that, but that wasn’t necessary to her.

“There we go, much better, I want to be comfortable for this….ooohhh….” Nicole stopped as there was this gurgling noise coming out of her stomach. It went on for several seconds and was pronounced enough for both of them to hear it. Nicole was building up gas.

“Sit down.” Nicole ordered Mark as he made a seat on top of Nicole’s bed. She then moved so that she was standing right in front of him, giving him a glorious view of her ass within those yoga pants. She started bending the ass over, making him go crazy with the stretching of the fabric to compensate for the movement of her buttocks. Nicole’s ass wasn’t the greatest piece of butt flesh in the world, but it still looked very fine within those pants.

“Touch my butt.” She said to Mark with a seductive voice. Mark naturally was confused.


“Touch my butt. Go ahead I’ll let you, use those hands and feel my glorious mounds of ass.” Nicole was just getting started, working up Mark in ways he never thought possible. He stretched his arms out and moved his hands closer and closer to her spandex-encased behind. It was a foreign experience to him, his heart was racing from just the mere thought of touching another woman’s ass but soon he found his hands pressed up against Nicole Eckstein’s ass.

His hands pushed up against the fabric and it seemed that his body temperature rose dramatically by the intenseness of the situation. Being the quiet boy that he pretty much was he had never gotten this close to the female behind, especially at that female’s request. But Nicole was actually getting a thrill out of it, giggling a little as Mark continued to gently push his fingertips down against the firm surface of her buttocks. Each hand cupped their corresponding buttock; they were a perfect mix of firmness and flabbiness. They weren’t rock hard but they weren’t like jello either, it was simply the greatest solid that Mark had ever touched, and then he heard it, with her ass at the same level of his face, she farted.


The sound of this fart was amazing, it was a stereotypical fart sound but done with such precision that he was struggling just to cope with the fact that his hands were on a gorgeous girl’s behind and she was ripping a proud and stinky fart near his face. The sound of her juicy rip pushing through her butt crack and out of her spandex pants gave Mark an instant boner, not that touching her ass didn’t already. But there was more behind this fart, it produced a kind of perfect noise that was wet and bassy, juicy and bubbly, all the hallmarks of that perfect fart. At least to him it was.

“Now smell it.” Nicole said as the stench of the ten-second long blast became more apparent by the second. Already it smelled like crap, mixed in with some heavy tints of Mexican food digestion. He asked her what she meant exactly by her request.

“Get your nose and smell it. Smell my glorious fart; tell me how bad it smells!” Nicole said with better clarity as Mark had his reassurance. He slowly moved his face closer, leaning forward as his nose started going haywire from all the extra stenches of the fart. It burned heavenly, the leftover gas from their dinner, pumped into his mind the smell of pure rottenness, a vile eggy aroma that was already flaring up his nostrils even as his nose got close.

And then he hit a magical moment, his nose was pressed up against the fabric. He moved around until he could feel the part of the pants where he could tell there was no buttock in the way. There was a zone of the pants that represented the location of the crack, fabric suspended by the two voluptuous butt cheeks on either side. Within this zone the smell was the strongest. Profane and wicked, it was a textbook fart smell, as great of a smell as anything Mark had ever encountered. He sniffed it for almost 30 seconds.

“Very good Mark very good. That’s only a taste of what I have brewing tonight. Give my ass a kiss now.” She said as she felt satisfied by Mark’s inhalation of the fart. He wanted to smell just enough before going crazy. So he moved his nose a little back and puckered up his mouth, pressing his lips against the spandex fabric of her pink yoga pants he planted a big wet kiss. He could taste the fart, the smell of rotten egginess mixed in with spandex fabric and some wet sweat already forming from the tightness of the pants on her ass, it was an intoxicating kiss and taste and it was about to intensify.


Right as he continued his kissing Nicole farted again and this one was even stronger. His whole head could feel the greatness of this outburst of flatulent wind out of her asshole. It was louder and even grosser. He felt a stream of hot and very putrid gas blow straight through her cheeks and straight into his mouth. For a moment he was unsure of exactly how to respond to such a release but then it became all too obvious to him, he needed to embrace it. Nicole was actually farting in his face and blowing her own gently and warm kiss at him as he had done in kind to her own tush. He continued kissing as the fart continued, trumpeting out with great force as Nicole was awestruck at Mark’s devotion toward her booty. The farting went on and he got more than a handful of her nasty gas straight into his lungs. He breathed it in and couldn’t really put down how much he felt about it. It tasted like eggs and bad cheese more than anything else; with bits of ale in there from the beer she had drunk earlier. But most importantly, it was her fart. He was tasting and smelling HER FART.

“That’s amazing, continued kissing there Mark, that’s amazing!” Nicole groaned a little as she felt Mark continued his kissing of her ass. He went on for another minute, one kiss after another, all in the same spot, the same superheated wet spot where the bulk of her vile and horrific smelling flatus had gone through. His mouth was a radioactive waste dump for Nicole’s flatulence but he didn’t seem to care. He though had enough at a certain point and slowly backed away, allowing his mind to take in the view from a few inches away of her beautiful behind. Instead of tasting the gas he merely smelled it and the fart was way way way beyond pungent.

“That has to be the most powerful experience I’ve ever experienced.” Mark said as Nicole’s head turned around to look down at him. He sat there dazed but aware, aware of the great show of force he had just been a witness to.

“I’m glad you like it, it’s just me farting after eating Mexican food….” She stopped as she scrunched her eyes a little. Out came another toot.


“See…no biggie.” She said laughing, knowing very well that it was indeed a big deal for him. Mark had told her about some of his writing, about his stories and his particular love for this sort of thing, but witnessing it in real life was totally different from reading about it. There was no comparison, it was like the Grand Canyon, you could only truly know about it by seeing it in person, nothing else would do in providing an appropriate description.
The smell continued to emulate his senses, giving him the richest aromic experience of his lifetime. There was something so potent about smelling Nicole’s farts. Granted her’s were the first real farts he ever smelled but her strong stench was something purely over-the-top. He could feel the warmth of her nasty gas floating all around him as he whiffed up more of her bubbly toots. Even a small fart like the one she had just cut was enough to give him a nice taste of her stink.

“Well, it’s doing wonders for you gas.”

“Is it?”

“You’re letting off some very impressive smells with that Mexican food.”

“Yeah, I bet I am.” And then Nicole proceeded to sit down, right in Mark’s lap, giving him the ultimate feeling of her big bubbly behind resting on his thighs and likewise his cock. Nicole wasn’t new to anything sexual so the feeling was less for her than it was for Mark who was feeling a girl’s ass press up against his cock for the first time in his life, in the matter of only minutes the tension within him had reached an all-time high.

“Er…I’m sorry about that.” He said, referring to the fact that Nicole could easily feel his enlarged member on her ass.

“Oh don’t worry about that, it’s not you that has to be sorry.”



Nicole with frightening ease was able to dial up her most impressive blast of gas for the night and the feeling of the fart being directed right on Mark’s body was almost too much for him to withstand. He could feel the weight of her body press down on him as he tried his best to think of something else so that she wouldn’t feel his cock but there was no point in that. Nicole was pressing down a deep and bassy fart that shook his thighs and was powerful enough of a blast that he could feel the sound waves of the fart press deep within his body and out onto her bed, his body was used as an energy absorption for Nicole’s nasty blasty fart.

The feeling of her farting on him was something completely unreal. It was a scene he had never written before and was only getting a taste of for the first time in his life. The sound and feeling of her farting a big juicy one on him was muffled by his own clothing getting in the way of producing a loud sound. This fart could have been loud but his body numbed that noise down to what it was. But the thing that didn’t get decreased was the potency of the smell. Wild and uncontrolled, her vile aroma of eggy-smelling flatus was staining his clothes with ease as she ripped major ass for almost 14 seconds, uncontrolled and without any holds barred the fart pressed up against him in the most sexually intense feeling in his life.

“How was that?” Nicole said as she slowly stood up again, cutting out another two tiny toots near his face as Mark’s eyes remained opened. He looked down at his pants and saw the imprint of her ass on the folding in his denim. The smell of her latest bomb hung over like the remnants of a toilet after a colossal dump. The smell of dirty cheese, rotten eggs and spoiled garbage all filled his nostrils as the area where his legs met on his body contained a great dirty smell that was going to hang around for a while. But the more he thought of it the more he was turned on, Nicole had just branded him with her fart.

“The greatest thing I had ever experienced.”

“Good, because that felt amazing too.” She said, moving over toward a window. The smell in the bedroom was profanely bad, an eye watering gassy smell that was all too common after one of her gassier meals. She opened up the window and lifted her leg, pushing out another loud and pungent fart.


It was a beast of a fart, a true beast, lasting 17 full seconds as it rippled her butt cheeks and caused for more of her hazy fog of gas to flow out of her cheeks. Her lifted leg helped to enforce her at a certain point as she flexed her ass and dropped her thunder fart. And then the smell, as always, was a ferocious stench, more of the beans and cheese rotten smell. It flowed out of her butt with a great loudness and power to the fart. As she stood there, ripping it with an awestruck look on her face, she could feel the wind in her yoga pants blow against the fabric, pushing down the clothes to a tautness that was only turning Mark on more and more. The fart blew through those pants like a gale force wind, blowing a little juice against the fabric, as it turned out this was a juicy fart too.

Mark was watching a spectacle taking place with Nicole farting like this. Even if he was a few feet away from her it was no different smelling it than if she were sitting on him. The smell naturally was as atrocious as what she had been doing on him but over time it morphed into something even worse. The fart had added another level of funk to the already smelly bedroom. It was a greater smell of rotting cheese and beans that had given her farts a whole new level of stink. Mark’s eyes weren’t just tearing up to the smell of this fart, they were bailing. He was starting to get a little nauseous smelling a little too much of it as Nicole slowly lowered her leg upon the cessation of the fart, getting a little whiff of it herself.

“Oh fuck that was a stinker. What do you think Mark, really foul smelling?”

“That’s the best. Everything about you is the best…but the smell’s a little too strong I’ll admit.”

“You’re honest, that’s good. It was a little too bad. I need to crack this window up all the way.” She said raising the window up to its highest points. The smell was mutating into a collective rottenness that could only be describe as Nicole Eckstein’s farts after heavy amounts of Mexican food. Spending a lot of time with her after those conditions could be hazardous for one’s health.

“You know, it’s so relieving that I don’t have to hold all of this gas in with you.” Nicole said, walking back to the bed as she sat down besides Mark.

“You can do whatever you like around me.”

“That’s great to know. I’ve been with many guys and I could just tell with them that if I farted like this I could never be their girlfriend. So I kept in in, bottled it up. When I got home after a date Amy would often complain that I could stink up the entire floor with my gas, I would be farting so much….it’s the beer actually, liquor gets me gassy like nothing else.” She said, pushing down against the bed a deep mumbling fart that went on for seven seconds.


The fart wasn’t anywhere as bad as what she had just been doing but she made it up by making Mark feel the shockwaves of her deep fart against the bed. He could feel vibration like nothing else, just the feeling of Nicole’s farting made this visit more than worth it. Even with the extra addition of her killer stink he didn’t notice a difference.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. You can fart whenever you like, it’s your right.” Mark assured Nicole.

“Oh you speak just like your characters, always caring for your lady.”

“I guess I just thought that guys should be more polite.”

“Well it’s working. I’m feeling very loose right now.”

“How long have you been this gassy?” Mark asked.

“Most of my life. I couldn’t really say exactly. I think girls are naturally gassy, it’s just we learn so well how to suppress it.”

“That was always my thought about it. Part of the fantasy of it really, girls that are just holding up with that toxic stink that’s forbidden for them to release.”

“Like around your roommate, it’s guys like that that make it hard for us girls to really let it loose. Science has proven that female farts are worse than male farts.”


“By a lot. Or by some, I don’t have the exact numbers. But we are much worse than guys in farting…would you like to test that for yourself?”

“Absolutely, my face can be your test ground all you want.” Mark said, heart pounding as he said these words. He knew what he was saying, he had written it before. He had written stories, fictional stories, about guys who opened themselves up to females farting, but it was always fantasy for him. Nicole then stood up on her bed, not wanting Mark to move at all, she turned around 90 degrees so that her ass was staring Mark again. He steered his face over toward the smelly spandex pants and waited for her release.

“Now when I fart, I really want you to smell it, examine it, let me know what you think, alright?”

“Sure thing.” He said and with those words she cut more of her impressive thunder.


The fart that roared out of Nicole’s ass was a lot more impressive than her previous outburst, Mark was hoping for that. It was less wet and more power, pumping out of her spandex covered ass right where Mark could get a nice and copious whiff of it. The stinky 20-second fart came out of her cheeks, flapping them violently for the entire period as it started to spread its contamination throughout the room. The commanding blast had rattled the walls and the bed and sounded like a pure bomb of stink as it started its inception throughout the room, rattling in his ears as he was up front and close to the fart. He could feel Nicole’s mounds jiggle as she continued to cut her wickedly bad fart. The fart smelt heavily of Mexican food and cheese which formed a smog-like gas that flowed out of her yoga pants and went all throughout the room, spreading her stink to every corner of the new room. The smell only got worse he started to gag and tear up his eyes under the enormity of this fart. This was a room-clearing fart of truly epic proportions, and Mark eventually realized that he was not safe in that room when she was dropping farts like these. So he did the only thing he could do, embrace it.

As the fart continued blasting out of her ass he took his hands and grabbed the sides of Nicole’s ass as he pressed his nose deep within her confines. He took in the full intensity of the smell that was being blasted out of her asshole. The fart was horrible smelling, all of them were but her farts were somehow stinking more and more. Each sniff was a scental experience straight from Nicole’s shitter. He could smell all sorts of things, Nicole did keep her body clean but the smell of heavy farting was going to offset that. He smelled first the powerfully corrosive stink of her nasty farting, but there was more, the smell of an asshole, a place where the sun really did not shine. She didn’t always clean it; the smell of shit was showing its way through the vile stew of her gassy prowess. And then there was the smell of sweat, heated farts were only warming up her yoga pants so that she was sweating. To Nicole this was a surreal experience, a guy actually sniffing the pants as she blasted forth a stinky fart like this. But Mark found with each inhalation that she was getting worse and worse and he started to embrace it. He was smelling Nicole Eckstein’s farts at their purest form now and nothing else mattered. The fart ended and Mark kept his nose pressed up there, smelling each whiff for another half a minute. Nicole was impressed.

“Okay there, okay. You don’t have to keep sniffing it.” She said as she ordered Mark to back away. His mind was a whirlwind, he didn’t know exactly what was happening but he heard another gurgling noise from Nicole’s bowels. He wanted more.

“But I do. I have to. I love it.” Mark said, not knowing exactly how much he really loved it. For a long time he never thought about the actual experience of liking a girl’s fart, but now he knew, it was an experience that was out of this world.

“Well, okay then. I didn’t think this would be this bad….but I feel another one brewing.” She said words that could only make him joyful. He begged her to get a whiff of it.

“Yeah, well I want to do it a little bit different, lie down on the bed, I’m gonna sit on your face!”

“With pleasure.” Mark quickly did as he said and Nicole looked down at Mark on the bed. She felt the sensation within her bowels, the gas was now at full capacity in her stomach, she could feel it, everything coming together and for once in her life she could live the fantasy of farting in a guy’s face.

“Now you are okay with this?” Nicole asked Mark, just to make doubly certain that he wanted it.

“Nicole I beg you. Please fart on my face!” He said, all giddy inside as he actually did it. Mark wanted the domination, it was an element that he put into his stories all the time, he liked male characters who worshipped the girl’s behind and appreciated each and every fart they had for them. Nicole read an exert from one of his stories and knew this already. Mark was living his fantasy, but she was living hers too.

Back in high school a guy had asked for her to sit on his face. After much prompting she finally agreed to the request and sat on the guy’s face. It was supposed to be a moment where the guy loved it more than her, but the situation was reversed. The guy didn’t realize how big Nicole’s butt was and nearly suffocated to death, breaking up with her as he couldn’t comprehend why he had loved it. Nicole on the other hand found that she loved it; she had a knack for it. Sitting down a person’s face, it was hot experience and she wanted more of it. But most guys she encountered afterwards never were that upfront, even as her butt got bigger.

“Just let me know if it gets too bad.” Nicole said, smiling down as Mark as she got on top of the bed. She moved her body slowly up Mark’s body, backing in so that her ass was looking at Mark square in his face. Now he was experiencing the pinnacle of his experience. The weight of Nicole’s body on his was a serene experience, something that he had only read about, but it was time to simply take it in and enjoy the moment.

Her ass finally began resting on his face, slowly her ass pressed up against Mark’s face as he got another whiff of that residual gas from the pants. He could feel the top of her bed lower ever so slightly to compensate for the weight of his head and Nicole’s whole body in that spot. His eyes went blind as he felt the full bracing of Nicole’s colossal booty.

Nicole knew that her ass was the pride and joy of her body and it was massive. Not Kardashian-sized admittedly but still an impressive specimen in its own right. Mark’s head was gone as he could smell, taste and experience only Nicole’s body. He heard the sound of her stomach gurgling around her as he knew that she was ready to fart. It was a quick movement; Nicole was not one to hold in her farts, not this day. She flexed her ass and he could feel with the movement of her ass the opening of her sphincter and the beginning of her next great fart.


The gas tore through her pants as they billowed in its exit. A deep, reverberating bellow sounded as she released this long fart. The fart was released like a blaring, fog horn-like noise. It actually sounded more like a regular bowel movement, as if Nicole was going to release a few large pieces of her hefty crap. And Mark’s face was given front row seats to it; it was impressively massive, long ranging and way too smelly for most humans to withstand. As she pushed the fart out, her anus had to keep open as it was opening up with more and more of her Mexican food-fueled flatus through her butt. Mark could smell the horrendous odor of the fart as it continued to gain power and strength through the first 20 seconds of the release. He could still feel as her anus was releasing an earthquake-like fart, rattling the bed around him as she was conjuring up some really vicious gas. More and more the gale-force winds of her digestive system were heating up her infinity warmer asscrack as the smell was shoved up his nostrils, giving him a real taste of the true horridness of her gas.


Never had Mark Dearing been in a situation like this. He wanted it; he wanted it to continue and was delighted to get more and more of it. Nicole was more than happy to deliver it to him, as much gas as he wanted. His head though could do without the shaking from the fart’s deep penetrating vibrations as he was getting wrecked up with the loud and commanding quivering of her fart. A long, powerful geyser of gas was continuing to blow through Nicole’s buttocks, and it was blowing hot air, hotter than hot, it felt like molten lava being blasted into his face. This was far worse than any fart he had smelled up to that point as Nicole was letting out the full payload of her gassy arsenal. With all the spices and beans within her meals, her gas was of a very high caliber already, her gas was as potent as humanly possible, if not worse. The fart smell that came out from her asshole was truly unbelievable, it was barf-inducing and the kind of fart that would peel the paint off the wall and make serious dents in decolorizing the fabric of her yoga pants and practically melt Mark’s face. All around his face was a thermal wasteland of Nicole’s flatulence, with a temperature well over 100 degrees with her body heat. He was sweating bullets in his face which was slowly getting warmed up from the power of that latest fart. And the fart was still going on; she was cutting a titanic amount of cheese with this fart. She revved it up and finished the release strongly.


Nicole went for it all as Mark started losing disorientation from the strong surge of her killer gas on his face. He couldn’t even believe just how bad this one was getting. He could feel the hot and toxic gas flow throughout his body, coating it with the leftover remnants of her gassy meal. The fart was hard on him, pounding his face as he felt the full weight of her asscheeks on him. And just as things couldn’t get any more severe she finished up her minute long fart, full force, the gas blew at a faster speed and the smell went up each second, more and more smelly, he couldn’t even come up with the words to think about how bad this was, the fart was becoming smellier by the nanosecond, how the hell Nicole was coming up with this. She finally eked out the last fart, ending in a bomb like detonation, a final shockwave of nasty gas stink that shook his head even more. The fart finally ended, but not before getting Amy to walk into the room to demand what her friend was doing. When she saw what was going on, she shook her head.

“You did that to his face, dear Lord Nicole that’s nasty!”

“He wanted it.”

“So Mark, how’s the gas?”

“Amazing! Nicole is really letting off some great ones!” He said still lying in bed.

“I hope you liked my practice farts Mark because those beans are finally starting to kick in!” Nicole looked at Mark as he suddenly found his date turning even stronger than it had already been.

“What’s she talking about?” Mark asked Amy.

“Oh that last one. She does that one all the time. Man when you left she began cutting some powerfully bad thunder. She shook the entire building a few times.” Amy said as she looked over at her roommate. The blond female was standing there rubbing her stomach as Mark looked up at the yoga pants encased ass of Nicole Eckstein and worried about what was about to come. Amy walked away, smiling at Mark as his emotions went all around.

“You said you wanted my farts. I was just passing a little gas on your face. Now I’m going to FART.” She said snickering as she got back on the bed and pointed her giant ass right at Mark. Nicole began to fart and when he felt the ground around them shake, the sound pick up to a thunderous pitch and the smell come out ten times stronger than the last one he began to truly realize that Nicole was not your ordinary gassy girl. And this would be the weakest fart she would cut the rest of that night.
This story is a sequel which follows up on Mark Dearing and his date with the gassy Nicole Eckstein. He's always wanted to hang out with a gassy girl, now he gets his chance.
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What did I just read.
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A nice story about butts and farts, haha. It can seem a bit odd if you're not used to seeing it, I understand
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AHAHAHA saw this is on the front page. You are a master of comedy.
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you can't end the story there! It was just heating up. This needs to be continued
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I read a story . Then all it suddenly I remembered it was about a guy with writers block. What happened in-between is a mystery
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Haha. Yeah I can understand why you would see it like that. But it's actually more common than you'd think that people like this kind of thing
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i loved every part of the story ......except the end !! it was a teasing , now i want to know how bad her REAL farts can be !!
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