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"Man…who ripped one?" the criminal said as he started smelling the intense odor from Christina's small SBD. The smell continued to gather strength as it moved thorugout the room and bounced off the walls and reverberated back to the center of the room. It was only a three second SBD, but it stunk bad enough to burn the inside of Christina's bikini and to cause both Carlos and the warden to begin coughing.

"That would be me!" Christina said proudly, and with the warden coughing.

"That's right…she is going to kill you…with her farts!" The warden said as the criminal began laughing. He still couldn't believe that this was actually going to happen; he continued to laugh at the warden as he also coughed from the increasing odor of her fart.

"You're joking…the state would never allow this." Carlos said as the warden began leaving the room, he himself getting tired of the smell.

"The state's allowed it…do you have any last words."  The warden stated as he opened the door and continued to listen to Carlos's gagging and coughing.

"Yes…this girl fuckin' stinks!" Carlos finished as the warden closed the door and went into the side room with both Captain Parker and the government official. This left both Christina and Carlos inside the room. Once it was secured, Christina gave a sigh of relief and focused her gas on the outdoor.

"Good…now that that's over." She started ripping a massive rumbler of a fart out her big butt. PPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! The fart pushed the thong part of Christina's bikini out a little, though not enough for it to actually be visible. The tall girl, who was still standing next to the bed where Carlos was lying, had giggled to herself as she started waving the air from behind her butt toward Carlos. The gas started pushing from beneath Christina's behind and started spreading like wildfire throughout the room, encasing it with the smell of rotten egg and beans. Carlos had started to get a little nauseated as he smelt this fart.

Christina then sat her enormous butt up on the guy's nose; complete covering it with her two twin cheeks of power. The scene was unbelievable. The buxom bikini teenager was sitting with her legs out toward Carlos's legs and had her gigantic butt sitting on his nose. Her butt was so big and her buttcrack was so deep that she couldn't get the guy's nose to exactly touch her butthole, but he was only a couple of inches away from it so it likely didn't matter. He could feel each of her smooth butt cheeks hugging the sides of his faces like his head was caught in a vice. His face had been covered in the continuous sweat of her butt cheeks and the awful stench that was radiating from it. The weight was likely the worst part of it though, all of this girl was being forced down upon his face and all of her upper weight being concentrated on her tremendous glutes, hugging this guy's nose and causing his body to start losing the ability to smell regular air. She had managed to fit both the guy's nose and mouth within her butt canyon and with only a white bikini to separate the exit to the most vile fart gas imaginable and his nose and mouth, the guy's heart started racing.

"Dear God girl, that smells!" he said in a muffled voice, causing Christina to giggle at what she was seeing. At which point, she pressed her butt down on the guy's face and started pushing out several loud and bubbling farts that shook the guy's face. Each of these blasters went on for some five seconds and only allowed for further access of the guy's face to her butt perfume. The burning scent of her farts only increased in power and authority as she broke wind upon this guy's face. Now his cries for help were starting to get louder, but still only muffled by Christina's butt cheeks.

"I'm sorry…I can't hear you, I guess my butt really is too big…" Christina continued to giggle to herself. "I guess I'll just have to feed you some more." She then tilted her body and dropped a bombshell of a fart, instantly stinking up the entire lethal injection chamber and causing for there to grow a mist throughout the room. This one was a true wet fart and the sticky juices from Christina's bowels started to stain Carlos's face. The blaster went on for 10 seconds and filled the guy's nostrils with the decaying stench of broccoli and Brussels sprouts. He had always hated eating those types of vegetables; it was only a shame that Christina loved it. What she hated more was having to hold in her farts.

She looked up at the top of the ceiling and started biting her lip as she tried to keep her breathing of her noxious farts to a minimum. Because of her large butt, a large amount of her gas wasn't even reaching the rest of the chamber, but that didn't matter. It still smelled like shit anywhere in that chamber. She then contracted her stomach and forced out from her bikini bottom three more blasters! BBBBBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!! BBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! PPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Three more mega stinkers came out from between her cheeks and now the copious stench of Christina's digestive process began to really get to Carlos. He began crying even more, not only for help, but for forgiveness. The tears in eyes were really flowing as he tried to avoid getting any of that rancid fart stench away from him, but that was not going to help. The smell of the fart only grew as the insides of the chamber began to get warm and damp from these past releases from Christina. The windows to the attaching room had begun to collect moisture from the dampness of the fart.

"You know Carlos…my mother always told me to drink my milk." She said as she began to bellow out another long and powerful bomb. The fart shook the guy's face like a 10-point earthquake and gave him serious headache. This milk-powered fart started as a deep rumbling within her stomach and continued to grow fiercer as it spread its rotten stench out from her buttcrack and into the air. This latest fart had lasted 10 seconds and was now causing the guy to want to throw up, to which Christina picked up the guy's head and started shaking it, telling him not to even think about it.

"Nuh uh…you're going to die anyway. But you know what's great about milk…" She said as she glided her hand along the guy's torso, almost in a playful manner. "…it gives me gas…" She pushed out another tremendous ass shaker of a fart that sounded like a jet engine to the guy's face. Now it was starting to become hazy for the guy and he began to think of random thoughts. The ass that had been pressed on his face was too much of a burden for him. And to make matters worse, she released another more quieter fart, it had a raspy noise that radiated from her buttcrack and blinded the guy's eyes with another bout of eye watering fart gas The stench of decaying milk, beans, and garbage clouded every being of his body, there was nothing in this guy's lungs that was his anymore, it had all been replaced with Christina's gas, which became unfortunate for him, since his heart and blood couldn't take Christina's gassy composition. She then started releasing another bout of her bubbly gas into the guy's nostrils, giving him five more seconds of her potent mixture of methane and hydrogen sulfide.

"He…he…a LOT of gas." She said as she began waving her hand around in a playful manner, trying to get any of the smell away from her. But to her it didn't matter, this was her gas after all…she needed to be pleased with her own product, and she was. But the rumbling in her stomach gave her the indication that there was still a lot more that she had to release.

"Dear Lord…I can't even take the smell in here." The warden said as he began waving his hands. Despite the relatively sealed room being sealed, the smell of Christina's gas was still creeping into the side room. He now began to see why both Captain Parker and the government official were wearing their gas masks; the stench from the fart was only getting worse. He looked back across the window with his shirt over his mouth as he saw Christina playing there on the guy's face. Any right-minded guy would have an instant hard-on watching this, but Carlos did not. Likely because Carlos was dying.

Christina then readjusted her ass and pulled her bikini up a tad to make sure that Carlos wasn't being denied any of her special perfume. She took a deep breath and grunted, finally bearing down on the guy's face and pushing out her fart. This latest bout of flatulence was a powerful blaster, more so than the previous ones. It shook not only Carlos's face, but his entire body, bed, and the walls of the room they were in. They could hear the table rattle against the floor as it was being forced under the deep vibration of Christina's fart. This fart also had a lot of staying power and a great time, going for nearly 15 seconds. It changed from a sloppy splattery sound to a sloppy roar, and the gas visibly began filling the room in a brown steamy fog.

"Oh my god, that's so niiiccce" she said in utter relief as her gas stuttered on and on after the initial blast between an earthquake and a plane engine taking off, sloppy and wet sounding as ever. The fart was finally over and Christina had felt a bit relieved that she had dropped that master bombshell of a stinker. No one…ever would be able to top a fart like that, only Christina's clockwork-like bowels could even produce a powerhouse of a fart like that one, but the continuing pressure in her stomach made Christina smile, as she felt that there was still time to top that latest one and improve on her record-breaking farting performance.

"Uhhh, my tummy feels soooo happy", Christina whispered in blissful relief she continued to unload her gas upon Carlos. She looked up at the ceiling and felt more pressure coming up at her anus. She tilted forward and out from her ass came the sound of a jackhammer. It was another forceful fart, one that carried a lot of power with it. The smell of digested beans was now becoming the norm for Carlos as his oxygen was starting to subside. Slowly, his lungs were starting to shut down as he became more and more loopy his thought. Above him, Christina's butt cheeks are steaming hot, with the crevasse between her buttocks even hotter. Through their astronaut-like suits, the crew had a thermometer and they had recorded that the temperature inside the butt was over 20,000 degrees. Carlos' face was becoming white, as all the oxygen had been sucked out from within. He gave a few more desperate cries for help. But Christina's fart gas continued to flow into his nose and mouth, even when she wasn't ripping fart into the guy's brain. Up above, Carlos heard the dreadful noise of Christina grunting as she released more of her terrible gas from within her stomach.

"Oh…I feel the beans kicking in now!" Christina said with a bright smile as she pushed a big one. PPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! A raunchy, 12-second, power blaster of a fart roared out of Christina's shitter and added more of the intense heat into the guy's face. The guy's complaining and muffled screaming had slowly died down. Christina then sat on top of the guy's face and began scrunching up her face as she felt another load of gas form within her rectum. After about 30 seconds of allowing the gas to get into formation she had loaded another powerful reservoir of gas, she began pushing out another load, it was a silent killer.  PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!This one went on for 30 seconds, 30 full seconds of Christina's anus releasing a silent hisser of gas that blew out from between her butt canyon and straight into Carlos' nose and mouth. Christina's eyes began to water as she took a deep whiff of her massive SBD. There were SBDs, and then there were SBDs released by Christina, this one blew the others out of the way. The smell from this SBD was truly unbelievable; it felt like a hurricane to Carlos who took in all 30 seconds of Christina's painful silent fart. It smelled of cheese, eggs, beans, milk, broccoli, and cabbage, all mixed into one of the most vile concoctions every conceived by humans naturally. Biological weapons created by the American government were not as strong as the smell that was erupting from this gigantic 18-year old's behind.

But to add insult to injury, or in this case death, Christina felt another gas bubble form and she began to cut another fart from her giant tush. This had a sharp chainsaw sound and went on for 10 seconds as it started shaking everything within that room. The smell was now seeping out from the room and was flowing down the corridors of the prison, even catching the attention of the other inmates who were taking a strong whiff of this massive stinker of a fart.

The force of her fart shook the entire chamber harder setting off warning signals and cracking seals at the edges, the warden began to call through the intercom to stop, that they had enough data, or other excuses to make her stop. Carlos' eyes kept on twitching, as he was still breathing, but he was also holding on to dear life as he couldn't continue breathing in these impressive farts. Now Christina felt the largest amount of gas within her rectum that she had ever felt, and from that point on, she was simply breaking wind. Continuous bursts of the foulest rank odor kept on coming out one after the other. Followed by sighs of relief. The farts were enormous, they rattled Carlos and the bed he was on like never before and he could feel each rumble. The room's air was getting denser, warmer, and stinkier. The color of the air inside the chamber had slowly turned into a gaseous mixture of green and yellow and the haze only increased. She continued to unleash explosive barrages for five minutes. Christina could feel heat on the seat of her bikini bottom and Carlos was now receiving third-degree burns on his face. His face was becoming burnt, if it weren't for his pale skin.  

"You just got lucky last time, now let me show you some real power." Christina began laughing as she leaned forward as she gave a push on the guy's face. At first, it looked like Christina's bikini was going to suppress the intense power of her farts, but then she rolled her eyes at the guy. Her butt began to heat up as she let out more gas, the bikini straining to absorb all of the fumes. Nothing in the room, nor what she wore was no match for the gas Christina was putting out. The room shook as a loud blast blew out of Christina's butt, blasting the furniture and lab equipment behind her into the wall. Carlos' body began flying against the wall as it fell limp to the ground. Those watching were now starting to smell the gas as Christina continued to rip massive fart after massive fart. Every bit of her clothing now felt like it was on fire. She picked the table back up and resettled it and placed Carlos' now-lifeless body on the table, but Christina still had more gas to pass.

She continued to sit on the criminal's face with full force. The smell of her ass was ten times more volatile than it was before her latest farts. It was made of an indescribable mixture of rank aromas that no one could not begin to understand. It smelled so bad; he tried to sniff any of it, trying to get any oxygen. His body was getting instead more sulfuric farts from Christina. No one knew how filled his lungs were with the young girl's farts, what they also didn't know was that he was now brain-dead. But Christina was not finished with her gaseous massacre and she took her bikini bottom off and threw it to the floor. She was now getting a power trip with what she was doing and she was enjoying it, much to the horror of Captain Parker, the government official and the warden. Christina grunted as she farted again, releasing another powerful fart, only this time, it was going straight from her asshole and into Carlos' nose. His eyes remained fixed, they were continuous open as the shitty gas hole of Christina started to open and fill his body with another bout of potent gas.

"Pardon Me!" Christina said laughing as she pushed through her butthole more deadly gas.
PRRTTTTRTTTTTTOROROOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMPPTTTTTT!!!! A GIGANTIC fart exploded onto Carlos' face. He was immediately greeted with a potent smell of rotten eggs beans and cheese. It did not help him that there was no protection between her butt and his face; it was now all flowing into his body. Each fart Christina was ripping was stinkier and longer than the last. They were all extremely loud and were the bubbliest sloppiest bassiest farts anyone was ever capable of. She unloaded every three seconds. After about eight minutes of getting nuked by gas, Carlos was clearly out. The life signs of the guy were nearly out and he was having trouble breathing. She laughed as she let out more, now shaking her hips to spray it all around. The glass in the room vibrated under the force of Christina's fart as the pressure and humidity increased on it as she strained out more gas.

The farts were truly off the scale, and the system was momentarily stunned. The device measuring Christina's farts from the outside had been broken with it stopping at 250. Her farts, at least on the outside were now 250 times greater than the normal human. No one was prepared for such a huge and sudden assault. No one had ever smelt gas this bad, and now Carlos had been facefarted for the final time, his life signs were out, unfortunately for those at the prison, Christina didn't know that and she continued the farting. Christina pushed her butt right into the center of the guy's nose and let out a long loud fart. Christina kept on pushing out this long fart, releasing all the built up gas within her rectum and blasting it all on the guy's face. The room trembled from the power of Christina's fart, the walls behind her exploded back as everyone was blasted with her gas. The room has quickly evacuated as they retreated to another part of the facility. Now those in the prison could hear what was going on, and a few close to the lethal injection facility could smell Christina's eggy fart stench. The fart continued for at least two minutes, the yellow cloud getting denser by the second. Until finally it seemed to come to an end, Christina's butthole quivered, and she fired out one last hot burst. It was almost silent and less than a second in length, but at least as bad as it had confirmed what had already been known for a minute, the criminal was dead. Christina's uncovered butt cheeks bounced from the gas as she turned and looked at everyone. Dark brown and yellow and began to flood through the room filling in with the vile green gas that was already present. No one had taken into account just how corruptive Christina's gas was; her fart had absorbed it all the air in the facility, and there was now little air left. Christina finally felt like she was out of gas and she had gotten up off the guy, she started coughing profoundly, it smelt like nothing else. The door to the facility had been blown open and she walked toward Captain Parker, the government official and the warden were all looking horrified as Christina approached them.

"Oh…my….God, Christina, that was an impressive show." Parker said to the titanic 18-year old who just began laughing as she waved her hands around and continued to smell the incredible stench of her gas.

"But I'm not done…I've just begun!" Those words started to grip at Captain Parker, he was horrified when he heard this. Christina then started pushing her uncovered butthole against the guy's face and she pushed her stomach inward as she gathered up all the rest of the fart gas that Christina was building up. Parker then quickly went for the door and slammed it as Christina started pushing out the largest, smelliest, and deadliest farts in human history. There were a total of ten farts, all of them lasting at least 15 seconds, and releasing more of the digestive gas from Christina's behind on top of the guy that killed her father. Each fart was a long, bellowing blaster that shook the guy's face and blasted more of her methane-powered stink inside the entire room. The smell of raw Christina gas continued to multiply within the room and it was now flowing down the hallway of the prison, knocking out prison workers along the way. By the fifth fart, the entire window connecting the lethal injection room had become fogged out and there was nothing but a whirling wind of green and yellow gas flowing around. These were impressive farts; even Christina's most impressive fart up this point had been blown away by these ten mega blasters. By the time she had ripped her last, and largest fart to them all, an entire minute of gut-busting, room-shaking, rotten egg stinking fart, the entire room had been declared unusable, forever. Christina was starting to gag on the insane smell of her fart, these were farts that could kill someone instantly if they had their butt near Christina's behind, even she was worried that the crew and by extension her father had not survived that gassy blitzkrieg. The smell couldn't be described; there were simply not enough words to give it proper justice. In the end, Christina had a new name for the stench that her fart had left within that prison, Christina Fart Smell, since there was no other way to describe it. The Christina Fart Smell was the newest smell invented that day, and it was created only through its master, Christina Lopez herself. She had finally left the room, with Captain Parker getting on his gas mask as Christina opened the door. She opened the door and a rush of her foul smelling Christina Fart Smell spilled out from within the room and started to overtake a whole part of the prison.

"I think there's a gas leak coming out from my butt…he…he…that was fun!" Christina laughed as the smell of her butt had followed her out; all three of the guys had passed out momentarily from just smelling the fart off of Christina. It took a few minutes for a few brave souls from the prison to approach the inside of the room, now covered with a dark green haze. They arrived wearing yellow biohazard suits, breathing in their own oxygen, and even with them on they could still smell Christina's gas. The extracted Christina's bikini bottom, lying on the floor, all burnt up from the impact of Christina's farts. Most of the bikini bottom was white, but the part that was inside her buttcrack had turned brown. The prison guards took the bikini bottom and tossed it inside one of the common areas of one of the cell blocks, the one with among the worst criminals. They closed the cell block and watched as the criminals went crazy over the smell that had radiated just from Christina's bikini bottom.

Another thing that they had obtained was the dead corpse of Carlos Sanderson. His face had turned completely white, with a tint of green on it. Christina had completely killed the man with her farts and had shut his brain off with the lack of oxygen. Even with all his twitching, it was estimated that the criminal had actually died several minutes prior to the end of Christina's farting, she was just adding on to the room's smell at that point. As she walked toward the exit, she trotted out a couple of more bubbling farts out from her gigantic naked bottom. She finally got herself out of the prison where the warden the other two government officials were finally obtaining fresh air. Even Christina was getting a little woozy from her gas.

"Whew…that took a little out of me." Christina said as she started waving the air from her behind. They couldn't smell anything but Christina's gas, even outdoors, but the smell was considerably down.

"So…what do you think?" the government official had said as he was looking at what happened. The warden admitted that it worked, and it did prove that one could die from farting straight in the face, though that had to come from the right person and the right combination of gas. He did admit however, that the process took too long and that they would probably stick with lethal injection in the future, though Christina's lethal butt could be used elsewhere. This was also partially because Christina had gassed out that execution room for the time being, and that was something they did not want to deal with, given that the room would likely not be cleared for a while. When a room smells of "Christina Fart Smell" there is no way of knowing what kind of impact it would have on a room.

But there were now disturbing communications coming from within Christina's butt, Captain Parker had been communication with Bill. He had relayed the information coming in from within the young girl's bowels. The gassy pasting by Christina upon the criminal had caused much havoc on the crew. First, it was discovered that they found the dead body of Scientist B located deep within Christina's rectum. He had died of a lack of oxygen, as he had practically been marked by Christina's fart. The death likely occurred hours ago, and her latest farts had simply blasted his lifeless body around the rectum, slowly dissolving it into the girl's rectum. The farting at the prison had been incredible to Bill and Scientists A and C. They were consistently bombarded by Christina's farting with an impact that was viewed as much worse than war, the gassy war from Christina's anus had been much worse than any biological weapon that had been created at that point, and even Scientist A and C had both concluded, that the dose of methane and hydrogen sulfide that they were now receiving was a much more lethal combination, and without receiving any oxygen, they would die instantly.

Quite simply, what they experienced inside Christina's gassy prison was without words to describe, it was a truly horrifying experience, and they wanted it to be over. They were just about out of oxygen, and it was a good thing, since Winn had now arrived at the prison with the appropriate spell to get them out. Being inside the belly of the beast that was Christina 's bowels were now getting the best of the crew and inside it was like reliving the impact of a nuclear bomb over and over again. Christina's farts were now like nukes going off and there was nothing worse in the world. Winn had finally, arrived at the site and had his spell ready. They had Christina stand over outside the prison with her gassy butt pointed toward the others. Winn had a spell already prepared and he began chanting it while sprinkling a little of the potent down Christina's butt crack, hitting the three survivors. By then, they had taken a popsicle stick and he shoved it straight into the deep buttcrack. They were instructed to go onto a popsicle stick that they had shoved up Christina's butt. It took several minutes for the three to find the popsicle stick and then the stick was taken out of Christina's ass and they were suddenly overtaken by the light from the outside air. It was taking this popsicle stick out of Christina's butt that caused her to fell another strong pang in her stomach. Christina then had to alert everyone around her.  

"Oh no, here comes a big one!" Everyone started to back away from the tall, Hispanic girl, who started ripping some massive ass, stinking up the area once more with her own blend of flatulence.
FFFFRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTTTBRRRRRA AAAPPPPTTT!!!!!! The smell of the fart immediately hit everyone like a thirty ton wall of shit. It reeked of inexplicable smell, but by this point, the smell was nothing compared to the crew, which had just gotten back out from Christina's ass. It stank of milk, beans, broccoli and rotten eggs. The fart kept on going, and going, and going for about 15 seconds. Winn had now completed his spell and waited for the crew to get enlarged. Christina's fart continued to go on, and didn't seem like it was going to stop. This was a truly amazing fart, everyone was now becoming woozy. The fart continued to smell up to high heaven and create a green cloud around the girl, all those beans and onions and broccoli were now getting to her farts. Her eyes watered overpoweringly as her fart continued. By now it had to be about thirty seconds and everything seemed to get lighter for those around, except for Winn who had empowered some kind of spell around himself. At around forty seconds all others blacked out. And by that point, the rippling effect of Christina 's gaseous fart on her buttocks had subsided and Christina had felt relief at last. The fart again had the significant odor of Christina Fart Smell. It took nearly three minutes for the effects of Winn's spell to reach the crew and slowly the three humans began to grow in size.

Christina was relieved, not only because she had released that last big fart, but because her father had now returned to her. But the appearances of the three had shown that they had gone through some major battles. Their clothes were burnt, smelling heavily of Christina's farts, their equipment was all ruined, although the data collected had been kept in a safe place. But there was something else weird, something Christina had noticed, the three people had all gotten on their knees in desperation and started smelling Christina's butt, smelling it euphorically. Each of the three was taking chances taking in deep breaths down Christina's buttcrack. Christina looked back and noticed that the three were now taking deep whiffs of anything else that had come out of her butt; it was as if her butt had been their entire existence and they were being taken away. Once the rest of the people, who had to back away from her previous fart, they saw Bill and the two scientists continually on their knees, smelling away at anything around Christina's butt. Finally, the three were pulled away, as the sight had become a little too weird, even for Christina, but it soon became obvious that those three were becoming dependent on Christina's farts, and this had concerned both Captain Parker and the government official. As the three were taken off to a medical facility, they all had passed out, from what would seem like a lack of oxygen, only it was from the lack of Christina's gas.

Three days had passed, and the effects of Christina's farting had become lesser. Her farts were still mega huge, but nowhere near the impact her farts had on the prison, which was considered a good thing. Scientists back at Section 26 had felt that if her farts had continued at that caliber it would eventually cause a major fallout around the prison, killing all living things around it. Christina's school was allowed to reopen once the EPA had declared the site void of any of Christina's farts. They also had to clear Winn's shop, Section 26, and the prison. It was estimated that two inmates had received burns and lost oxygen for a little bit just because Christina's bikini bottom were thrown into the common area of the prison, but they had since gotten better. The air quality all throughout San Francisco had improved to normal levels and there were no trace elements of Christina's gas around anywhere. Meanwhile, Christina's diet had been improved and she was now eating smaller portions and less gassy foods. Her fart quality had only diminished a little, but it was tolerable enough. While she was at the prison, it was estimated that Christina's fart had a CFI of well over 300, now they were down to 60, but that was much better than before. Christina's room had been cleared as best as it could and she had been given a whole new set of clean clothes, not only because of her farts, but because of her increased height. Because of her new height, she had to start getting used to being seven feet tall. This would give her a greater advantage while playing sports at school and even Christina considered joining the basketball team, how could they refuse one of the tallest kids on Earth?

The scientists who had survived along with Section 26 were able to create a massive report on the human digestive system, and in particular the flatulence portion of it, the part that the Department of Health and CDC did not have much on. There was also an ongoing rumor that they actually sent the group of scientists into the underwear of the specimen that they were studying, but Parker was quick to dismiss such rumors. Meanwhile, the data that was collected by the scientists was now being analyzed into a new set of medications and research data that could be used to study flatulence. Thanks to Christina, they had found out much more about the human digestive process, perhaps too much. The medicine that would be created would be designed to help control Christina's flatulence considerably, but Captain Parker advised that it may not be such a good idea. Furthermore, it was later estimated that the medicine would be able to control normal human flatulence by over 50%, but it would have no effect on Christina, if anything it would actually become dissolved into Christina's system.

As for the scientists who had been inside Christina's bottom, the family of Scientist B were very disheartened to find out the fact that he was likely to have disintegrated into the bowels of a 18-year old, forever inside of her to grow up with her and die, so a proper burial was never possible, needless to say, the children of that man didn't pursue a career in science after that. Scientists A and C were both recovering at a hospital, they had slowly regained consciences and were soon able to take in more quantities of oxygen. It was estimated that they would both make full recoveries. The only catch was, they were forever linked with Christina's gas, and they were never going to get that out of their system. This explained how the two scientists were even surviving after Christina's final gassy assault. It wasn't that they ran out of oxygen and died, but that they had slowly become adjusted to this new paradigm that was Christina's flatus, it was their new oxygen. Christina worked with the scientists overseeing the project and provided a special pill, infused with the elements of her gas, that the scientists would have to take once a day, to keep some of Christina's fart in their bloodstream.

Bill however, was not as lucky, his recovery took longer, and he had only woken up after they started pumping in gas from Christina's butt. He had become completely dependent on Christina's farts, much more than the other two scientists. It was a disheartening scene for Christina when she finally saw Bill lying in the hospital bed. Captain Parker was with her as he woke up Bill and began to explain the situation to him. Bill had also wondered if Christina had gotten a little bigger sine he was first sent into her deep, gassy bowels.

"Um…what happened?" was all that Bill could ask as he started breathing in the "air" that was being pumped into him. His face and body had looked like they had recovered, but his lungs had been completely altered. It was revealed there that Bill had actually given up using his oxygen tank by morning on the third day; he gave it to the remanding two scientists to breathe until the mission was over.

"We have had our doctors and scientists look at you, and we have found nothing wrong with your body personally, except for your lungs." Captain Parker began, to an amazed Bill, who now understood what he was saying.


"Yes Bill…your lungs have been altered to the point that there is no way they can be repaired…but they aren't damaged, just altered."

"How are they altered?" Asked Bill.

"Right now…you are not breathing oxygen through those tubes; you are breathing in parts of Christina's fart. Your lungs now recognize Christina's farts as the true air to breathe to run your system, and your entire system, respiratory, circulatory, and nervous, have been changed chemically to accept Christina's fart gas and only her fart gas. There is still oxygen within her gas so it still helps your system, but the other chemical compounds in her fart are now being accepted by your body…I'm afraid that the changes are permanent." The final statement had shocked both Bill and Christina who looked at each other in fear and wonderment of just how permanent he was talking about.

"What do you mean permanent?" Asks a terrified Bill, who continued to breathe through the tubes the raunchy odor of his daughter's farts.

"I mean it exactly; you will always be dependent of Christina's butt and the gas that comes out of it. You will not survive without it."

"You mean…I'm have to be by Christina forever…I'm stuck with her." Bill's question had been valid, while he loved his daughter greatly, he did have a thing against her following him around, releasing her toxic farts along the way.

"No…actually Christina is stuck with you." Parker affirmed, realizing that Bill's presence would be more of a detriment to Christina's life. However, this also gave Christina a much higher power in her family as she ultimately controlled whether or not her father lived, so he would have to bend forward to meet her needs first.

"Oh my…oh my." Bill said to himself as Christina placed her head in her hands and moaned with displeasure. As she sat there, she felt a small gas bubble appear and her anus and she tilted her enormous behind toward her father and ripped out a devilish fart. It was small, but still carried a very potent stench of rotten eggs that quickly stunk up the entire hospital room.  

"Gosh Christina, that reeks!" Captain Parker said waving his hand around his face; he saw this as a good time for a demonstration. He took the tubes out of Bill's nose and they watched as Bill started to breathe in the air intensely. He took in deep breathes of Christina's fart and he felt relief, as did Christina, who had a little gas to pass. Christina had seen what had happened when she farted and she slowly saw as Bill began losing consciences as the fart began to dissipate. Captain Parker quickly placed the tubes back in and Christina's fart gas in the canister began refreshing his body. Christina was now beginning to understand what had happened, her father had become completely addicted to her farts.


Ultimately, Captain Parker felt that it was not necessary nor recommended for any altering of Christina's farts, which meant that the girl was allowed and expected to continue dropping her massive bowel movements into the toilet and releasing her disgusting, eye-watering farts throughout the complex, that way Bill would be able to survive. Several weeks had passed since Bill was in the hospital from his trip into the bowels of his daughter. He had been allowed out of the hospital, but it wasn't the same for him. While he started getting back to work, the effect of Christina's gas was always going to be with him, more importantly, he had to receive parts of Christina's gas on a constant basis. The original orders were that he had to receive one fart from his daughter every two hours, although it ultimately became four hours, and that was actually the best they could hope for at the moment. It had become a ritual, every two hours, Bill had to be where Christina was, and she had to actually fart into his face, so that he could be renewed in the gases of his daughter's digestive system. While it was theoretically possible, there was no way of wondering whether or not anyone else's farts could feed Bill, but most tests that were conducted saw that Bill could only receive gas from Christina, since it was a special blend.

There were two ways, two embarrassing ways that Bill could receive his fuel, he can either receive it straight from Christina's ass, or he can get if from the toilet after Christina had taken a dump. She had to start altering her schedule so that these could be done at the right time so that Bill could receive his "gift" from his daughter. Christina though generally cared about her Winn and now more so than before. Before this experiment, Bill had always been caring for Christina and she had returned the favor in various ways, but now Bill was far more dependent on Christina. The two had become a symbiant, with one dependent on the others. Christina still needed Bill to raise her, but now Bill needed Christina just to breathe. This had placed Christina in a much more desirable position. In the past, she had wanted to follow Bill on his missions but he had always said no, now he had no choice in the matter, Christina had to accompany him. Christina more or less got anything she wanted, because (although this was rare) she could threaten not to fart or take any craps and Bill would be done for.

One day, several months later, once Bill had been able to take in Christina's gas at a four-hour basis, he had found himself at trouble one afternoon. Christina had not been eating much that morning, and had a very small dump, for her standards. Bill had already inhaled all the contents of the toilet and it had to be flushed, it was now approaching the fourth hour and he was starting to have trouble breathing, sloughing around Section 26, trying to gain any bit of consciences. He sent a text message to his daughter and demanded she come home immediately. She had to leave during her last class, insisting that she had to save her father's life again. Admittedly, the students and the teacher in the class didn't object since they had heard the grumbling in Christina's stomach and knew that an explosion was soon to follow. Christina's guts were indeed bubbling, for she had burritos for lunch, and while normally she would be gassing out the classroom, she knew now that she had to hold in her farts and keep them for Bill. Now, Christina  was rushing home on her scooter, flying through the streets of the city to reach the shop all while her stomach continued to rumble and process its contents. After a few minutes had passed, Bill had fallen to the ground and was now starting to black out.

Like a Godsend, Christina came rushing through the door where she saw Bill lying there on the floor. She went down to the floor and positioned Bill with his head up, she then positioned his nose right between her buttcheeks and gave Bill life. She sat on her father's face and released her first payload, a loud, 5-second fart that instantaneously stunk up the entire room he was in, releasing another foul batch of rotten eggs and beans into the air, the remains of her Mexican meal.  She then lifted her right leg, with her soft butt trying to escape the confines of her pants while resting on both sides of Bill's face. She grunted for a moment and with ease a loud, deafening fart was released. The pressure and power behind which made her butt feel raw as she let her leg back and wand crinkled her noise in disgust. The entire floor and Bill's body shook to the power of this enormous fart. The odor matched that of rotten cabbage and spoiled milk and eggs. More gas churned in her own stomach for a moment as she sighed, thinking it was over, which it wasn't. Another warm bubbly hit her, and she farted again, this time trying not to push so hard so it didn't hurt her butt as much. The warm gas oozed out of her tight mushy cheeks that were pressed firmly against Bill's face and past her thighs, resulting in a burn like feeling as she waved again. She sighed and just began to bask in her own stink as she released one canon of farts after another.

"Don't worry father, Christina is here for you…Christina is here." She smiled as she appreciated the situation she was in. Bill had gotten up, now feeling refreshed, although the room smelled intolerable, both Bill and Christina were now able to appreciate it, but that was the new paradigm. They told Bill that he would never be able to breathe oxygen in completely, and while he was able to walk and do everything else normally, after every four hours he had to receive some dosage of Christina's fart smell. This meant that there were many nights where he would be in Christina's bed with his nose firmly up Christina's butt, waiting for the precious gas to flow out from her cheeks. After breakfast, Christina would "feed" her father with a fart and leave a dump in the toilet to feed him while she was off at school. When she got home, she would feed him again then this continued every four hours.

Bill Lopez, for the rest of his life, would have to breathe in Christina's fart gas at least six times a day, though the Section 26 doctors had been working with the scientists to conjure up something that would increase the potency of Christina's farts so that Bill would only need it every six hours, but for now, four hours was the new reality. This was the new way of things, Bill was no longer an independent being, but was dependent on the farts of his daughter, the worst farter in the whole world. She appreciated this more than anything else, as she lied in bed with her pants off and her butthole showing. She motioned for Bill to pick her up and hold her butthole up to his face; there she would drop of monster-sized, bean-powered fart into his face.

"I farted!" Christina would laugh.

"Thank you." Bill would breathe in the contents of that potent fart and continue to live for another four hours. Christina then released another foul-wrenching, steamy bean smelling fart throughout the whole bed, gassing out the covers instantly. She simply went back to sleep, smelling her powerful gas in her new powerful situation, she now controlled her family.

"I love you father." She said, releasing one last silent hisser, another stinky fart, her bedroom now completely stunk of Christina's farts, and her father loved it.
The finale to Inside a Farting Girl's Ass
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